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The Industrial Cooperation Authority, at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, is responsible for initiating, tracking, monitoring, and coordinating industrial cooperation with foreign companies as part of their commitment to offset procurement in Israel.
The Industrial Cooperation Authority oversees winning government or public tenders and implements an offset of at least 35% of the value of the transaction in Israel (20% for GPA member countries). The Authority handles industrial cooperation agreements with more than 200 foreign companies and corporations. Included in these companies are world leaders in many areas such as defense, aviation, energy, ecology, electricity and electronics, computers, medical equipment, and vehicles and transportation.
The Authority initiates connections and coordinates opportunities between Israeli companies and foreign companies. It also receives technical requirements and proposals for cooperation from foreign companies, and helps them find opportunities and connections with Israeli companies. Additionally, The Authority ensures that offset obligations are fulfilled.


Long-Term cooperation leading to the competitive production of Israeli products. The goal is to develop new markets of high quality goods and to create a framework for bilateral and multilateral industrial and trade cooperation between the foreign company (as well as for its subsidiaries and divisions), and Israeli Industry.
Emphasis is being placed upon regional job creation on top of receiving direct R&D grants.
Furthering international cooperation in industrial R&D.
The encouragement of technological entrepreneurship.
The development of future technologies by means of increasing academic-industrial interaction and cooperation.

The new ICA: an opportunity for all

New ICA guidelines

All ICA support, assistance and services are provided on a complimentary basis. The ICA:
  • Provides information about Israeli industry.
  • Conducts surveys related to Israeli industry.
  • Coordinates visits by representatives of Israeli industry to foreign companies.
  • Coordinates visits by representatives of foreign companies to Israel in order to survey local industry.
  • Organizes conferences between foreign companies and Israeli industry.